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RU Media provides solutions for businesses such as Website Design, Digital Marketing, and Business management software systems… Customers who trust RU Media will surely get the most out of their technology investments thanks to the most professional solutions and the outstanding expertise and experience of the staff of RU Media.



1. Website Design

Website Design is the main service of RU Media. We provide website design packages as website design according to available templates and website design according to customer requirements. For every service, we guarantee the following:

  • Beautiful interface; thorough images and contents care; simple and convenient functions and operation. The interface is especially user-friendly, which can increase site traffic and generate sales.
  • Using the most advanced Responsive technology making the website compatible with all devices.
  • A simple and convenient management program that optimizes data so customers can easily manage, update and change images and content on the website.
  • SEO optimization helps the website quickly achieve high rankings on search engines; stable operation.
  • Maximize cost savings while ensuring the highest efficiency and profits for the business.

2. Digital Marketing

This service will help bring brands to target customers by promoting their brands, services, and products widely. Besides, it increases brand awareness and interaction on social media platforms. In addition, it also helps optimize the budget; customers can save costs but still have huge benefits.

3. Management Software Consulting Services

4. Other solutions for businesses

We offer technology solutions for businesses, from designing brand identity and publications… to other services such as license registration with the Ministry of Industry and Trade or sign-up business email…


Reasons many customers trust RU MEDIA

  1. Highly specialized knowledge and experience

RU Media owns a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians, designers, programmers, and marketers. Employees at RU Media continually cultivate knowledge, spend time researching the market, and catch new trends and modern technologies … to bring the best solutions to individuals and businesses.

  1. Provide a variety of services

In addition to professional website design, RU Media also provides many services to optimize customers’ business efficiency, such as management software consulting, Digital Marketing, and consulting services that offer solutions for businesses to reach target customers…

  1. Cost savings

Service packages at RU Media are cost-competitive. However, that does not mean a reduction in quality. RU Media staff will discuss directly with customers to collect customer requirements and the business budget to offer the most suitable solution to save the budget while ensuring full features and efficiency.

  1. Professional credibility

RU Media works with credibility and integrity. We always complete all projects on schedule as a clear contract agreed upon with customers so customers’ businesses can run smoothly and the business operations can be completed efficiently and without delay. After the contract expiration date, RU Media still supports customers as quickly as possible.

RU Media has been trusted and appreciated for the quality of products and services we provide to many domestic and foreign customers. We look forward to cooperating with you and providing you with the greatest products and services. Best regards!




image Thuc Nguyen Xuan CEO & Founder
image Vinh Hang Le Project Manager
image Hoang Em Ngo Thai Frontend Developer
image Nhat Tai Vo Backend Developer
image Ngoc Anh Long Thi Graphic Designer
image Thanh Tran Trung Content Creator
image Yen Nguyen Bao UX/UI Designer
image Hoang Bui Van Backend Developer



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