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Holistic Marketing Strategy Services

The Fourth Industrial Revolution conceptualizes rapid technology change, and digital transformation is becoming a key area of business innovation to boost brand awareness widely and bring high business efficiency. If your business needs a marketing department to carry out sales promotion campaigns, or your company has set up a marketing team, but it needs to be more effective, or revenue has decreased without finding a solution.

The Holistic Marketing Strategy at RU Media will help grow and scale your business with the most influential business solution consulting with the most economical budget.

What is a Holistic Marketing Strategy?

Marketing activities are indispensable for 100% of businesses that build brand recognition for more people to know or to bring in new customers. However, many companies and businesses must hire an external Digital Marketing team for many reasons, such as a limited budget, wanting to set up information on the online platform quickly, or needing to find a team to run an online campaign due to insufficient human resources…

Simply put, Holistic Marketing Strategy is a service provided by an external unit. This team will implement the business’s marketing strategies on the online platform, thereby providing an effective tool for promoting brand awareness and increasing revenue…

Benefits of using a Holistic Marketing Strategy service

Initial cost savings

The cost of building an overall marketing team is costly. For example, a marketing team may include human resources for websites, social networks, and other promotion channels or infrastructure costs for each channel. Contact the Holistic Marketing Strategy service outside to reduce costs instead of setting up a room full of human and material resources will reduce the company’s expenses.

Build a perfect marketing strategy.

Regardless of the size or industry of your business, you need to use Digital Marketing services to reach customers. Choosing a reputable marketing team providing Holistic Marketing Strategy services will help companies to monitor and analyze the market or competitors. Thereby, the company can develop a more applicable and effective marketing strategy.

Reach the right target customers.

Traditional sales methods will make it difficult for you to reach customers. Holistic Marketing Strategy services will help you! Advertising on Facebook, Google, and other social networking sites will help get your potential customers better.

Increase brand awareness

Online marketing tools not only help you reach customers better but also increase brand awareness, sell and promote your company’s products and services to more people.

Who should choose a Holistic Marketing Strategy service?

  • Those without marketing knowledge need a professional team to set up quickly and effectively marketing tools to run an online business smoothly from the first steps.
  • Those who have already spent much money on advertising but got no results, creating many interactions with customers but got no potential customers.
  • Those who already implemented many marketing campaigns but got no efficiency as expected and cost money.
  • Limited capital or funding, unsure which channel to spend money on to develop the brand.
  • Need a professional Digital Marketing team.
  • Your company is about to run a new campaign but lacks personnel or qualified workers.

Choose RU Media to get the most professional Digital Marketing services:

  • Gathering a team of the best, young, most creative, experienced workers, RU Media will give you a great experience in Marketing communications.
  • RU Media is constantly researching and updating the latest marketing strategies worldwide. Then we analyze, research, and apply the latest marketing strategies to each business model of each field in Vietnam.
  • In addition to providing Digital Marketing services, RU Media also offers comprehensive marketing solutions, including solution consulting, a combination of marketing tools, and detailed marketing planning…
  • Combine many marketing tools simultaneously to create quick media effects for individuals and businesses. 
  • Optimizing cost to balance value with profit while bringing “huge” revenue.

Digital Marketing services at RU Media

Currently, RU Media develops a variety of Digital Marketing services:

  • Facebook Ads: Build advertising campaigns on social networks per the company’s business orientation and reduce advertising costs.
  • Google Ads: Use the correct keywords, reach your target customers, and increase the conversion rate…
  • Overall SEO: Help bring keywords to the TOP sustainably and maintain rankings even when handing over the system.
  • Content creation: Attract customers effectively with Fanpage content creation service to raise brand awareness on this largest social network.
  • Many other services: websites, banners and images design; Fanpage and Website administration; booking Kols, forum, press; video recording and editing…

Holistic Marketing Strategy service process at RU Media

1. Research and collect business needs.

2. Enterprise analysis and evaluation.

3. Propose options and select communication channels.

4. Make a Holistic Marketing Strategy plan.

5. Build content, take care of communication channels.

6. Promote product services through free and paid tools.

RU Media can surely be your reliable Online Marketing department that provides a wide range of social media channels. Having us, you do not need to spend a large monthly salary to invest in a marketing team, but you are guaranteed to maximize business efficiency with an economical budget. Don’t hesitate to contact RU Media for a team of experts to advise you on Holistic Marketing Strategy services!

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