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Custom Website design services

Custom website design has become an inevitable trend in businesses, significantly when online business is developing. All you need to do is build your ideas and requirements, and the leading experts at RU Media will carry out the rest of the execution process. We ensure to complete the fully equipped necessary features website on schedule while offering high levels of aesthetics and attractiveness at the most optimal cost!

What is a custom website design?

Many companies and stores have been born in recent years. Finding and drawing your customers in from hundreds and thousands of websites is challenging if your website is not unique and stands out from the competitors. That is the reason many businesses across multiple industries seek custom website design services to strengthen their online presence.

More and more shops and companies are looking for custom website design services.

This service is a professional website design, bringing many advantages to businesses. It provides a well-designed interface that perfectly fits the business brand, operation field, and requirements and is especially secured through copyrights. The interface’s design will be unique, eye-catching, and user-friendly to increase the retention of customers on your website.

Custom website design process at RU Media.

Collect and analyze customer needs.

Consultants at RU Media will meet customers to discuss website design purposes and usage needs directly. They will also collect necessary information such as logos, services, and business products … to present the most suitable suggestion.

Proposing solutions and Price quotes

After listening to customers’ requirements, RU Media will synthesize, analyze and select the most optimal design plan suitable for the company’s use needs besides reporting costs for customers to estimate.

Website interface design

After agreeing on the plan with the customer, RU Media will develop a detailed interface description, website layouts, and features… At the same time, we arrange the personnel to ensure the completion of the project is on schedule as committed to customers.

Agree on the design plan with the customer.

RU Media will send the design interface for customers to review and comment on for advanced editing to ensure the website’s design meets customers’ desires; it includes two versions for computers and mobile devices.

Programme the interface and website features

RU Media conducts programming features for website administration, cutting HTML/CSS, and completing website features.

Send Demo

After completing the interface and features of the website, RU Media will upload it to the demo server to run tests and fix problems (if any). Then send the demo to the customer to check the quality.

Acceptance and handover

If the customer is delighted with the website design service required by RU Media, we conduct the acceptance and handover of the website. In addition, if there are any problems during web usage, RU Media’s staff will always be ready to support customers with maintenance.

The standards of custom website design at RU Media

• Attractive interface to build and increase brand awareness and customer retention on the website.

• Fast website loading speed delivers a better user experience when visiting the website.

• UX / UI design to enhance website user experience

• Responsive technology that displays well on all devices.

• Standard SEO website to easily climb to the top search engine

• Fully integrated with features, measurement, and monitoring tools to ensure the website operates smoothly.

• Stable website operation and strong website security

• Modern website administration system, easy to add/edit/delete, and update content in every corner of the website.

• Strict User authorization system.

• Security code against SQL injection and XSS.

• Data backup to avoid unexpected problems.

Why choose RU Media for a custom website design?

Many years of experience in customizing websites

RU Media annually undertakes many large and small website projects of various professionals (restaurants, hotels, real estate, interior design, insurance…). The website interface is attractive and well-designed as follows customer requirements to build the brand identity to attract users.

Highly experienced staff

Ensuring that many websites are stable and set up correctly to bring high business efficiency is the result of the collective effort of the RU Media team over the years. With a high level of expertise, years of experience, and dedication in every big or small project, RU Media has never disappointed customers. After thoroughly researching and analyzing, RU Media offers the most optimal website design solutions, bringing high-cost savings and efficiency.

Understanding Marketing

RU Media’s staff are all very knowledgeable in Marketing, psychology, and customer behavior… RU Media confidently designs intuitive and convenient website interfaces with fully integrated measurement tools that meet SEO standards to make the customer’s business more efficient.

Focus on user experience

For each website design request, RU Media will thoroughly research the market and customer tastes and preferences to design a customer-friendly interface from layout, content, and images to the smoothness of the site and the page load speed. Besides, the administrator can easily change and edit the content or images and expand the features on the website.

Optimized on all devices

RU Media uses modern Responsive technology. Therefore, the website will display well on any device, browser, or screen size (PC, tablet, phone).

Custom website design services cost

RU Media provides custom website design services with the most competitive cost, helping customers minimize their budgets. The service cost includes domain name, annual maintenance hosting, and design costs based on each customer’s requirements, ideas, and usage needs. Therefore, don’t hesitate to contact RU Media for the most accurate quote, further information, or advice.

Advantages and Disadvantages of custom website design services


• Create a unique and distinct blend of traits for the brand

Custom website design services will give the brand unique and distinct business characteristics. Your brand will be exclusive and stand out from other websites. Besides, it also helps engrave the company’s image in consumers’ minds thanks to that creativity and originality.

• User-friendly features

The website will fully integrate the necessary and suitable features for the needs of the business. As a result, the company’s website will be a highly effective marketing tool for businesses.

• Increase business efficiency

The competition for the consumer has never been more fierce; your website needs to make a difference to increase its competitiveness. Custom website design will help you profile your business activities, make a good impression on your customers, and create customized websites based on customer preferences and desires, hence making sure that your website can handle a higher inflow of traffic, higher order conversion, and increasing business competitiveness.


• The cost is higher than template website design services.

• The processing time is longer because a finished design has to follow many steps of a methodical process, from collecting and analyzing customer information to designing ideas, building websites, and handing them over.

Frequently Asked Questions about custom website design services

Does the website meet SEO standards?

The custom website designs of RU Media always meet SEO standards. The products are guaranteed to be search engine friendly on browsers like Google or Coc Coc and user-friendly using UX/UI optimization.

Does the website display well on mobile devices?

RU Media uses cross-platform display technology (Responsive) to ensure your website displays well on all devices, browsers, and screen sizes with a fast page loading speed.

Why choose custom website design services?

Custom website design is coded to create a business’s identity, increase brand recognition, and optimize customer friendliness. It is also a helping hand in boosting business efficiency.

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