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Website Management Services

During the development of technology in the 4.0 era, people’s purchasing habits have changed. Online shopping has become increasingly popular, with many people turning to eCommerce to purchase goods and services. Therefore, many businesses have started focusing on building websites to promote brands/services/products. Is your website performing as well as it should? Or have you not noticed your website for a long time? If you don’t take the time to care for them, you’re missing out on a potential monetization channel!

What is a Website management service?

Website management service is the collection of management processes to ensure your website is professional, up-to-date, and functioning as intended, such as content optimization, new content update, website error fixing, and search rankings on Google improvement. From there, the information on the website can be easily accessible to customers.

RU Media’s website management service will support you to control your website professionally in the most cost-effective way. Let’s find out together!

A website management package includes some standards:

  • Taking care of website content: Writing standard SEO articles that are 100% new; posting and editing images.
  • Analyse and report data from the website to evaluate and better define the website development plan’s goals.
  • Designing and updating holiday-themed website popups for every occasion.
  • Website administration and security: Monitoring and backing up the system regularly; handling crashes; scanning and optimizing data on the website periodically to speed up database retrieval and improve keyword rankings.

Why is it necessary to take care of your website?

A website is a channel to promote effective online business by communicating with potential customers about their products and services. The website requires more than a beautiful interface to achieve that goal. The company must maintain it by constantly renewing and providing accurate and helpful information.

Besides, website management services bring many benefits to individuals and businesses, such as:

  • You can focus on the main work of your business while leaving the website to a professional team to take care of. We ensure to show the business’s professionalism and update information on the website timely.
  • Cost and time savings reduce the time recruiting, training, and paying monthly for a team of staff to manage the website.
  • Enhance business performance when the website is always visually appealing, professional, and attractive to customers.

Website management process

  • Step 1: Exchange initial information and sign the contract
  • Step 2: Exchange final information, topics, ideas, and customer needs
  • Step 3: Research keywords to capture search trend data, select writing topics, and browse
  • Step 4: Write, browse, edit, and post website content
  • Step 5: Analyse, process, and backup data
  • Step 6: Monthly report of the work and traffic from sources to the website 

Why should you choose the website management services from RU Media?

Website management services are essential for individuals and businesses. However, using the website management service from reputable service providers would be best to avoid “abandoning your child in the market”.

RU Media is a reliable partner of many individuals, large and small businesses nationwide. The website management services at RU Media include maintaining stable website operation and developing to make it appear more professional, thereby increasing recognition and boosting sales. In particular, with an extremely allowable expense, RU Media’s customers will receive the best website management services:

Regularly update new website content.
Website content is updated regularly with the best quality information from a professional content team, meeting the requirements of readers and building trust in customers.
Aesthetic website designs
Layouts and images are highly aesthetic; the capacity is optimized before uploading to the website.
Data assurance
All data is backed up. When the website has a problem, it will be fixed immediately, ensuring it is not interrupted for too long.
Monthly report
The websites are regularly reported to customers to know the website’s status. For example, website visits, most viewed articles, and products or services that interest customers greatly.
Regular check
Monitor your website’s ranking on the Google search engine and devise a plan to improve the quality of your website in the best way.
Free professional consultation
The consultation is free if you want to use RU Media’s SEO service to increase your rankings on Google or use comprehensive online marketing strategies.
The cost that best suits your needs
There are many available service packages with reasonable costs for each customer.


  • For those without experience and expertise in website management because it may take much time or cost but does not bring the desired effect.
  • Not enough expense to establish a professional marketing team.
  • No administrator or administrator cannot regularly edit and update new content on the website.
  • Desire to change some unsatisfactory details on the website, such as the interface, logo, images, or banner
  • Regular website issues
  • Increase the reach of potential customers: A well-maintained and high-ranking website will help you reach a large number of potential customers every day.
  • Retaining loyal customers: RU Media will take care of the website carefully, constantly updating customers’ questions and concerns and answering them to establish long-term customer relationships.
  • Cost saving: You can efficiently use the website channel to promote your brand, products, and services as all information about products, services, or promotions is posted regularly on the website. It is more effective than spending much money on printing and distributing leaflets.

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