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Template Website design services

An eye-catching website not only contributes to the prestige of the business, it can also bring super-profits for companies and salespeople. Currently, website design according to the available template is the most chosen at RU Media. This type of service takes little time and cost. Still, it provides many professional and impressive website templates suitable for every kind of business in all fields.

What is a template website design?

Website design according to the template is a popular service today; customers can request the website design service based on the pre-designed layouts. RU Media has industry-specific web packages that fit each field’s specific standard and necessary functions, such as sales websites, education websites, company introduction websites, news websites, and many more.

RU Media’s website templates are constantly updated, so customers can easily evaluate and choose the most suitable design. This service helps shorten the completion time and save costs more than the on-demand website design services.

Template website development process at RU Media

• Stage 1: The staff of RU Media advises customers to choose a suitable website design depending on their needs. Suppose the customer already has a reference template. RU Media will receive information, content, and images and give additional suggestions for customers to agree on the most suitable website template.

• Stage 2: After agreeing on the Website interface template, RU Media staff will receive the customer’s content, images, and videos to complete the website according to the selected template.

• Phase 3: After completing the Website, RU Media will put the website on the Server to run the Demo (fix any errors) and send it to customers to view and browse the website.

• Phase 4: Finishing the product and handing it over. RU Media staff will check and support any problems during usage as quickly as possible.

The standards of template website design services

• Design the website interface according to the Website template the customer has chosen and then integrate SEO and Marketing support tools to achieve more remarkable results.

• Professional management program; easy to upgrade the interface and add new features; easy management; no restriction on adding/deleting/editing content and images.

• Optimize SEO effectively and efficiently to bring your website to the top of Google, MSN, Bing, and Yahoo search…

• Optimize to render properly on all devices by Responsive technology – The most powerful technology in the world regarding compatibility with display devices and operating systems.

• Optimize the fastest page load speed in the shortest time.

• Optimize all features; friendly to customers. For example, the advanced search function for service or product combined with advanced search filters.

Why choose RU Media for a template website design?

• RU Media has many years of experience in the industry; each of our ready-made website packages has been built and completed to meet the needs of all customers across all industries. We constantly update new templates according to modern trends, optimizing the necessary functions to make the website attractive and stable.

• Owning a team of professional designers and programmers, our staff constantly improve their skill sets to complete each project successfully.

• Commitment to hand over the website as agreed in the signed contract on the correct form, requirements, and agreement of the customers. RU Media will guide customers on using the website meticulously and give customers an extended warranty and support for life even after the contract expires (for those who use the hosting at RU Media).

• Working in accordance with the law with clear contract terms; maintaining professional ethics; ensuring the safety and confidentiality of customers.

Advantages and disadvantages of using template website design services

(*) Advantages:

• Time-saving: Customers do not need to spend much time thinking about ideas or working on website interfaces. Instead, customers have a wide choice of available, beautiful, full-featured layouts on the store of the templated interface.

• Cost saving: The cost is much lower than on-demand website design services while ensuring an eye-catching and full-featured website.

• Diversity of options: Many templates of all business fields are available; therefore, finding a suitable website design for your business will be easy.

• Easy management: Website templates use a user-friendly, easy-to-adjust WordPress that allows you to arrange and customize the colors, fonts, content, or page layout to make it your own.

• Standard SEO structure: the website templates have full features and a standard SEO structure that allows you to create a simple yet well-designed and well-equipped features website instead of building from scratch.

(*) Disadvantages:

• The website interface may be duplicated and not stand out from competitors.

• The website interface does not express the brand’s own identity.

Frequently Asked Questions about template website design services

Why should you choose a template website design service?

Template website design will use pre-designed website layouts from professional companies. The company carefully researched to develop professional functions and website interfaces to meet the needs of the company across different industries. Besides, the cost and time invested in the website will be low compared to the on-demand design service.

How long does it take to complete the web design?

Generally, it is within 02 – 05 days after the service registration request. It also depends on the customer’s customization requirements.

Are there any ideas overlapping?

There are many available website templates for businesses. However, the template website design service only reuses the programming part; therefore, each website has a different interface, avoiding duplication. Alternatively, you can also require an adjustment to the website design.

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