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Brand Identity Design Services

RU Media provides professional brand identity design services to help businesses gain recognition and visibility, build customer trust and prestige, increase sales, and even improve customer service.

What is brand identity design?

Brand identity is all that can be seen and visually represents your brand’s personality in customers’ minds. Brand identity is the “face” of the business helping businesses affirm the brand’s unique position in customers’ minds and build the message the brand wants to convey.

Many large and small businesses have recently sought professional brand identity design services. And RU Media is proud to be the leading company in providing this service.

What does the brand identity set include?

  • Business logo & office document systems: name cards, invoices, envelopes, invitations, book covers, greeting cards…
  • Signage system: company sign, backdrop, standee, signboard, departmental sign, front desk, outdoor billboard…
  • Commercial identification systems: office uniforms, gifts, briefcases, pens, notebooks, or bags…
  • Marketing materials: Corporate website, Catalog, Brochure, leaflet, capacity profile…

Benefits of a professional brand identity

  • Establish brand recognition to help customers buy the right product

The brand identity will help the company’s brand image to be easily recognized and remembered in customers’ minds. A beautiful, professional brand identity can shape how people feel about the products or services and create a desire to own them.

  • Increase the impact of marketing efforts

All marketing activities and campaigns operate and launch on the brand identity, which is how it can transform to be unique. An effective campaign strategy can impress new clients while retaining loyal customers.

  • Increase revenue and profit

Many customers are willing to pay more for a well-known product. Building an identity makes the business more valuable and makes customers feel proud when using the product. Many people will not hesitate to spend extra money to buy that product, therefore, boosting revenue and profit.

  • Increase the value of assets of the business

A business valuation is an annual process of determining a business’s economic value and also depends on the brand’s valuation. The brand identity will play a key role in adding value to the company by building and developing the brand.

  • Increase a competitive advantage

The brand identity will impact customers’ perceptions and feelings about the professionalism and trustworthiness of the brand. Your brand will be more competitive than your competitors when they stand among dozens of products and services with similar prices.

  • Establish the business’s vision and position in the market

Whoever has more effect, more influence on the market will be the winner. The brand identity kit will amplify the business’s strength and position in negotiations and competition.

  • Motivate employees and build job pride

Working in a reputable company is the pride of every employee. The brand identity set, including the office identity kit (uniforms, documents, office equipment,…), makes employees proud of their company, happier, and more effective at work.

Brand identity design process

Step 1: Find and analyze customer requirements

RU Media will thoroughly learn about the brand (areas of activity, industry, target audience, brand essence,…).

Step 2: Plan an idea for an identity design

After getting all the company’s basic requirements for the brand identity design, the professional designers at RU Media will unleash their creativity and ideas for the identity.

Step 3: Design the brand identity

Designers will transform the impressive identity, from arranging images and choosing textures to coordinating colors, so that the brand identity’s message is strong, professional, and easy to seize and impress customers.

Step 4: Complete the design and instruct customers on how to use it

Companies should consider using the brand identity most effectively to achieve the highest efficiency. RU Media will synthesize logos, printing methods, colors, and materials … into the manual for customers to use most effectively.

The outstanding benefits of the brand identity design services at RU Media

If you are looking for an exceptional and functional brand identity to outshine your competition, RU Media is honored to help you:

  • A methodical working process and smooth coordination between departments to create identities that satisfy customers most.
  • Providing reliable and multi-industry projects to a broad range of customers on both national & international markets.
  • Be responsible for the service until the customer is satisfied with the brand identity product.
  • Market-leading quality service with economical cost, balancing the financial ability of each customer.
  • Commit to completing the product according to the agreed schedule and required quality without incurring any costs.
  • Support customers as much as possible, even after the project has been completed and handed over.

Don’t hesitate to contact RU Media for the best professional, reputable brand identity design service or package for your budget and needs.

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